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When I wanted to make “The Desperate,” I interviewed several good, qualified  Production Designers. Some of them were highly recommended to me. But after speaking with Katherine, I knew she was the one. Hiring her was the right decision, and the result was a movie that has won 54 awards and has been declared a “Master Piece” by an international panel of judges in Italy.

 I have received many compliments by festival audiences, as well as professionals, about how authentic this film looks, and I owe my thanks to Katherine for that.

On top of her professionalism, work ethics, and collaborative nature, Katherine is a wonderful human being with a good and compassionate heart that in my opinion could be an asset to the making of a good movie.

 It is, therefore, my pleasure to recommend Katherine Bulovic as a highly qualified Production Designer.

Ben-Hur Sepehr      IMDB:   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2023661/


“The Desperate”


From the BBC, Paul Merton’s “Birth of Hollywood” producer letter, 2011:

Dear Katherine
The series has recently transmitted here in the UK and has been success both critically and with our Audience, playing to 2 million viewers. This is a wonderful achievement for an Arts series about Silent Cinema.
Thank you very much for all your hard work and contributing to that success and for your time and support with the project and making it look absolutely lovely.

signed, Kate Broome     IMDB:   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0112359/

Series Producer



When we employed Katherine to recreate Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle’s 1921 dinning room, and three other period scenes, within the actual house Roscoe had lived in, she had a major task on her hands as every detail had been changed over the years and nothing original remained.  However when we arrived on location we found we’d been transported back to the relevant period for each of the four scenes due to Katherine’s extensive research, her amazing resources and her faultless attention to detail.  Our brief had been vague and the budget tight, but Katherine rose to the challenge and surpassed our expectations.  She is a true professional, a bonus to any set and I recommend her without reservation.

Sarah Hunt

Location Manager

Paul Merton’s Birth of Hollywood



From Producer Sara Caldwell:

When it comes to selecting a Production Designer, my first choice is always Katherine. With an extensive theater and film background, she has a keen sense of artistry and is especially talented with period pieces. For a film I directed that included a 1930s migrant camp, she waved her magic wand over a plot of land, some canvas and burlap, and a handful of props and transformed us back in time. In my short horror film Crawlspace, she created an actual crawlspace we could manipulate with cameras, complete with piping, graffiti, fingernail scratches, and a general sense of macabre for the man trapped inside. Katherine has a great ethic and is a delight to be around on any crew. I highly recommend Katherine Bulovic for any project large or small. You need look no further!

Sara Caldwell     IMDB:   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0129784/


House of Gorey Productions & Instructor, Media Arts Dept., College of the Canyons


When I was booked on a fast turn around, highly stressful and high profile launch show I knew just who to call to make each interview look stylish and different, even though we only had two small, bland, over crowded hotel rooms to film in.

Katherine dressed our hotel rooms at a breakneck speed, but made each one look as though she’d been working on it for hours, and her ability to select just the right props and then work with the DP to incorporate them into several set-ups meant each interview looked unique on what was quite a minimal art department budget.

The real challenge came when, with less than 24 hours notice, we were told to recreate an office from the Mad Men TV series for what would be the main interview of the show.  Katherine used her great research skills and knowledge of where to source the perfect props and built that office, coming in on time and under budget.

Katherine Bulovic is always a pleasure to work with.  She has a talent for interpreting ideas, can meet even the tightest of deadlines, is an excellent problem solver and works well as both part of the team or individually.  She is hugely creative, works tirelessly and gets along with everyone.

Sarah Hunt

Location Director/Producer

Sky Atlantic UK Launch Show “Let The Stories begin”

Northern Upstart Productions